IECER 2017: Entrepreneurial Diversity: Current Research and Future Avenues

The forthcoming 15th edition of the IECER Entrepreneurship Conference in Siegen, Germany (20-22 September 2017) is all about diversity in entrepreneurship. We believe that we have a lot to gain by being more inclusive and even expansive about what we view as important to our field. Entrepreneurs’ goals in creating businesses vary considerably. Individual life course and context - influencing entrepreneurship behavior and decision making processes - drive entrepreneurs in a wide variety of ways. There is no one type, no best way, and no ideal context for entrepreneurship or entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship research should fully embrace heterogeneity and differences.

We are very happy to announce professors Friederike Welter (University of Siegen and Managing Director of the IfM Bonn) and Robert Blackburn (Kingston University) as the keynote speakers for this year's conference.

Contribute with your research to the IECER 2017 to examine differences, new perspectives, new contexts, and new approaches in entrepreneurship research. We welcome innovative and unique research contributions to better understand the rich and heterogeneous facets of entrepreneurship research.

We are looking forward to diverse contributions to this years’ IECER conference in Siegen!

Frank Lasch, Petra Moog, Kerstin Wagner, Friederike Welter and Arndt Werner

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The Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research IECER is an annual international conference on entrepreneurship topics attracting scholars and delegates from academia, business and government officials from around the world. Founded in 2003 by Jürgen Schmude (University of Munich) and Michael Dowling (University of Regensburg), the mission of IECER is to advance interdisciplinary entrepreneurship research in Europe. In ten years, Michael Dowling and Jürgen Schmude have established the conference as one of the leading conferences on interdisciplinary entrepreneurship research in Europe, providing researchers from a variety of disciplines the opportunity discuss their latest research advancements. Conceived as a high quality forum of entrepreneurship debate, the conference is held every year at different locations across Europe (Amsterdam, Brescia, Chur, Montpellier, Munich, Lisbon, etc. ) in the past years. After the 10th anniversary of the IECER, the academic coordination was handed over to Frank Lasch (Montpellier Business School) and Kerstin Wagner (HTW Chur). In September 2017, the 15th edition of the IECER will take place at the University of Siegen hosted by Friederike Welter, Petra Moog and Arndt Werner.


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